Electric Vehicle Charging Monitor

TrueCost application monitors the electric vehicle battery charging status.

The TrueCost device sensors are connected to the vehicle's charging station and continuously measure energy consumption. The TrueCost can be connected in the main electrical cabinet at the input point to the charging station.

TrueCost application lets the user watch in real time the vehicle charging status , charging energy, cost and charging duration.

In addition pressing the "Send" button will immediately send message to any phone number defined by user: SMS includes charging energy, cost and charging duration. SMS will be sent even if the TrueCost application on your smartphone is not running. 365 SMS Messages are included in the package.

Two types are available: Two phase 25 – 63A, 18.4 kWh and Three phase 25 – 63A, 27.6 kWh

Kit includes: TrueCost device, Electric vehicle charging data tab in the free application