TrueCost  Architecture

TrueCost is a wireless Intelligent Energy System analyzer (US@2001 Patent) that connects directly to your main Two/Three-phase electrical system (DIN standard) in your home, office or industry. Each TrueCost measuring probe can be easily connected to each phase without disconnecting the wires from the electrical system or shutting down power.

TrueCost measures real-time electrical energy consumption on each phase, which can be displayed on your PC or Smartphone.

Installation is done within a few minutes, and after very short registration, TrueCost is ready and begins sending electrical energy consumption data directly to your PC or Smartphone.  Data is encrypted so only you can view this data.

Three measurement range are available: 0.1A - 25A , 0.1A - 40A , 0.1A - 80A

The simple graphic display on your smartphone allows viewing and detecting electrical appliances of high power-consumption at home/office/industry, and the online presentation gives the user an excellent tool to manage the electricity expenses.

A monthly budget can be defined, TrueCost implements it and presents the budget reminder in real-time, You can change the budget anytime.

TrueCost displays the electrical network loads balancing, you can view the kW/h value of each phase, and whether phases are imbalanced, a qualified electrician can balance phases between home electrical appliances, which can extend and improve the aging of the home electrical infrastructure and can also prevent fault of the overloaded phase.

TrueCost displays 24/7 real-time hourly, daily, or monthly kW/h cost in $. For example, this feature allows viewing the hourly kW/h expense when no one is at home. Based on this information, shutdown the appliances will reduce your monthly payment. 

TrueCost predicts the electricity cost by the end of the month after a few days from the beginning of the month, by calculating the user's current consumption, if the cost is too high the user can reduce energy costs.

Devices for 25A /40A

Devices for 63A